Second Lottery Win for New Yorker

Freak stories of lottery wins are notable because they are unusual and they don’t come more freaky than stories of people who won the lottery twice. We’ve already had one this year, the heart-warming tale of a cancer patient who has had two big lottery wins this year. Now we have another story of multiple wins. The next amazing story to make it into the media is one of a $1m jackpot  second lottery win for New Yorker Bruce Magistro. He had his first win in 2012 and in May had his second. It was calculated that the odds of doing so was 2 billion to 1.

Second Lottery Win for New Yorker

This second lottery win for New Yorker Bruce Magistro feels particularly sublime. When he won the first jackpot in 2012, his wife had cancer and the couple used the money to pay her medical bills. Sadly, she died in 2014. Most remarkably (or poignantly depending on how you look at it), Bruce’s win came on the second anniversary of her death. The family has credited a higher power with the win and have thanked their mother beyond the grave for helping it to happen. Last time, most of the money went on medical bills but now the winner says he intends to enjoy the money.

This second lottery win for New Yorker Bruce Magistro was $1m (around £670,000). This is not enough to retire on for the 48 year old builder, so he intends to live an easier life while continuing to work – pay off his mortgage and give some of the money to the couple’s three children. The single father recently got engaged but no talk of marriage was on the cards during his delighted interview. Double wins are rare for high value tickets but not unheard of. We have already had two this year in American lotteries.

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