Three Reasons to Play the Health Lottery

You may have heard of the Health Lottery that began in 2011 as the UK’s biggest alternative to the Camelot-run Lotto, and you might have a general idea of what it is about and what the games are, but do you know the advantages of choosing to play the Health Lottery instead of / as well as the country’s biggest game? Here, we show you three very good reasons to play.

By Source, Fair use, $3

By Source, Fair use, $3


Greater Chance of Winning

That’s right, you have more chance of winning any prize than you do with the Lotto, especially since the introduction of more numbers. Health Lottery organisers claim that you are 21 times more likely to win than you do on the more popular games. The jackpots and prizes are lower, but you can still win up to £100,000. Greater chances with smaller prizes can be more profitable.

Good Causes

We know that the Lotto raises a lot of money for good causes, especially for the Heritage Lottery Fund, Comic Relief and others, but for the Health Lottery more of the money goes towards good causes – particularly health related. In this age of austerity that came in with the coalition government in 2010, we need to help our health services at local and national level as much as we can, particularly niche areas such as mental health.

Local Organisation for Local Causes

“Health Lottery” is a bit of a misnomer as it implies it is a single, organised and centralised lottery game. It isn’t; it’s actually a conglomeration of around 50 local organisations that have come together. This means that money you spend locally will be spent locally on the areas that matter to you. The jackpot is capped at £100,000 and lower prizes get a range of values. Any spare money is ploughed back into the causes.

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