The $9m Australian Couple Who “Never Won A Hanky”

It’s amazing how much joy winning a prize on a lottery can bring. When the prize is life-changing, strong emotions typically follow way before a plan what to do with it. Most winners report feeling a whole range of emotions. What usually follows is an explanation for why they deserve the money – recent illness and hardship. Sometimes “I’ve never won anything in my life!” That’s certainly true of the most recent Queensland lottery winners who won $8.9m AUD (£4.75m) claiming they had never won a hanky. With nearly $9m, they can certainly buy more than a few now.

Couple who "never won a hanky" wins $9m AUD prize

The Townsville Couple Who Never Won a Hanky

The unnamed retired couple from Garbutt made the extraordinary claim in tears are learning of their enormous win. It was touch and go because the single ticket win was not registered. That meant Australian Powerball organisers had no way of getting hold of the winners and had to wait for them to come forward. Luckily they did, the couple who never won a hanky before May 2020 were to claim the prize for themselves. The process was a comedy of errors. Though the numbers looked familiar, when the unnamed husband in the pairing wrote the numbers down, he made a mistake. But they double checked and starting celebrating.

For a couple that never won a hanky and who worked hard all their lives, it was a welcome prize. Now retired, they are looking forward to spending the money on their family. They also plan to leave some to their favourite charities. But they will also have a little splurge. The wife in the couple expressed a desire for a diamond ring to become the first family heirloom. The husband in the couple was still thinking about what he might like. Winning such a huge sum opens so many doors.

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