Several Million Pound Prizes Set to Expire

Every month, Camelot puts out a list of unclaimed prizes. In most cases, these are small. Perhaps some players think those prizes are small enough not to bother claiming. However, every so often, it’s a big prize that goes unclaimed. In February and March 2019, several million pound prizes will expire. Camelot is calling on players to check their tickets. As the value of the three large prizes are £1m exactly, it’s likely players were unaware of the Millionaire Maker raffle draw. This is where a unique number on the ticket gives non-winners a second chance to win.

The Million Pound Prizes Due to Expire

time is running out to claim several million pound prizes

The most pressing of the unclaimed million pound prizes. It will expire on 17th February 2019. We know the winner ought the ticket on 21st August in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, London. There were two Millionaire Maker raffle draw tickets. One was claimed, the other was not. Winning raffle draw codes were HZSV 83217 and HZSX 45074. In March, two further prizes will also expire, both also million pound prizes. Purchased on the 11th September, a winning ticket holder in East Cheshire has yet to claim their UK Millionaire Maker. This ticket will expire 10th March. The third is from a ticket purchased on 25th September in Derby, also £1m, due to expire 24th March.

What happens to unclaimed prizes? As is publicised regularly, it goes not towards company profits. Neither does it go into the prize fund. Instead, it goes back towards the lottery good causes. That means charities and arts programmes, heritage, and many other interest groups receive the money. Once the 180 day limit has passed, the winner cannot claim the prize, even if they find the ticket after this date. Always check your tickets, and double check, before discarding to avoid missing out on a prize!

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