Self Improvement Project from N. Ireland Lottery Winners

Two of Northern Ireland’s top lottery winners have come together for a great local cause. Anne Canavan from Derry won £1m on the EuroMillions in 2015. Two years later, Colin & Eithne Bell also won £1m on the EuroMillions. Like many big winners, they decided to invest in good causes and set up The Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust. When their son Kevin was killed in New York, they found great difficulty in getting his body returned home; that is the aim of the charity – to help families make repatriation easier. The three now team up for a self improvement project in book form.

Why This Self Improvement Project Collaboration Now?

Anne found herself in need of KBRT’s help earlier this year when a niece died in Australia. Anne and the Bells decided to work together to help other families going through the same issues after meeting at a winner’s event. They discussed and debated, and eventually decided to work together on a self improvement project. The book, titled BELIFE OR BELIEF will launch on the 5th November. There are 20 chapters each with a different contributor, and each proposing a separate charity. For Anne there was no question her split would go to KBRT.

Self Improvement Project will raise funds for repatriation charity

Each chapter is a personal story of overcoming adversity. At the event, Anne commented on the series of coincidences that led to the book. Without them both winning the lottery they might never have met. Subsequently, the self improvement project collaboration might never have gone ahead. Of all the causes, it’s often the little things that people don’t tend to consider. But repatriation is a necessity; it’s sometimes complicated and often expensive because of the necessary steps needed to make it happen. Now that Anne has gone through such a tragedy, she is grateful to have had the opportunity to see the great work of KBRT, and support it.

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