People’s Postcode Lottery Boost For Northumberland WT

By now, we all know about the great causes that benefit from our various lotteries. It may have started with the National Lottery, but today players are spoilt for choice. There are a number of European lotteries, national games and now local lotteries. One of the biggest success stories of the last few years is the People’s Postcode Lottery. This game arguably does not get as much coverage as some other games, but to Northumberland Wildlife Trust, it is a godsend. Northumberland WT and its conservation programmes benefit immensely.

People's Postcode Lottery works with Northumberland WT

By PPLoffical (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

About Northumberland WT and People’s Postcode Lottery

The 9-year relationship is still going strong and Northumberland WT are able to continue to push for conservation causes. So far, the financial benefit to NWT is nearly £1m. Northumberland has some vital open spaces. The Wildlife Trust is responsible for rivers and lakes, heath, scrub, upland and wetland in Northumbria. This may seem an enormous sum of money, but their work is celebrated in the northeast. In August, and for the second year running, they held an event for public interaction. “Our Nature” took place at Blagdon Hall near Newcastle.

At the event, Northumberland WT held a number of family events. Children and adults alike were able to try their hand at bird mist netting and release, moth catching and small mammal trapping. More practical skills included bush crafts and cooking over camp fires. There were also wildlife spotting walks and talks. This hugely successful event carried on all month and the Wildlife Trust hopes to do something similar for next year. For that, they need People’s Postcode Lottery players to continue playing. They also ask that visitors take advantage of the events that Northumberland WT have been able to organise thanks to the People’s Postcode Lottery.

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