Player Found he Won the Lottery While On PlayStation Break

Gaming has been mainstream for about 20 years. It’s no longer a pastime limited to young people although they remain the major players. Imagine going on your PlayStation to wind down but stopping because you won the lottery. Never in his wildest dreams did James Evans think that being on PlayStation break would wind him up millions of pounds richer. But that’s exactly what happened. While his game loaded, James decided to check his emails. He spotted an email from National Lottery HQ. When he opened it, he saw he’d won the Set For Life prize.

Man on On PlayStation Break Now Set For Life

James Evans who works as a paver found out about his win just after Christmas. It was on PlayStation break in December when he got the automated notification. He’d been busy most of the pandemic working for his dad’s business; like most of us, he was looking forward to a Christmas break. Part of that break meant quality time with his console. Little did he know that downtime with the PlayStation would wind him up that much richer. His initial thought was that he’d won £5 just as he had a few weeks before. But when he saw he won the top prize of £10,000 per month for 30 years, he initially decided to keep it to himself.

Man wins big prize On PlayStation Break

It was only later the young man who won on PlayStation break went public. He recounted the day he found out – the first thing he did was go rock climbing to process it all. By New Year, still he had not told anybody about the win. But he finally cracked and started planning what he would spend the money on – a new computer, and travelling when the pandemic is over. He also said he might give up working for his dad but would continue coaching children at badminton professionally.

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