Nightingale Hospital Furniture Maker Scooped Deserved £300k

When we look back to the pandemic years, what will be our most enduring memories? Probably the people that came together to do their part. From medical professionals working long shifts many people sacrificed so much to protect others. It required a lot of effort to build so-called Nightingale Hospitals and that meant acquiring much more equipment, some of which needed building from scratch. So when it was revealed that a Nightingale Hospital furniture maker won a large prize, we felt some justice still exists in this world.

About the Nightingale Hospital Furniture Maker

Dan Fisher from Weston-Super-Mare in Somerset recently won £300,000 on a scratchcard. Specifically, he did so playing the game “Cashword Bonus” earlier this month. It came at an unexpected busy year for Dan who works as a furniture builder . Much of his work in the last year has been dedicated to building furniture for the range of large emergency dedicated COVID hospitals. He continues to work as an NHS supplier. However with this big win, he can now plan for a post-pandemic future. Most of all, the Nightingale Hospital furniture maker is looking forward to using the big win to buy his own home.

The Nightingale Hospital furniture make who won £300,000.

Remarkably, he only started working in that job one month before lockdown. This was early days when nobody really knew how bad things would get. The Nightingale Hospital furniture maker is certain that he had not switched from a job he’d down for the last 20 years, he’d have been made redundant. But it hasn’t been plain sailing in the new job. The company has switched employees with shifts, operating a kind of furlough – two weeks on and two weeks off. This is mostly thanks to health & safety issues and the need to protect employees. He later compared to his obsessive protection of the ticket as “much like Gollum.”

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