Three Major UK Heritage Projects Receive Lottery Boost

That UK heritage benefits from the National Lottery is not in doubt. In 1994 when the game began, the government ensured funding important causes. Arts and heritage were amongst these important causes and they remain so today. Thanks to lottery plays like you, HLF continues to fund some amazing projects across the United Kingdom. We are always proud to bring you stories of the small, lesser-known projects receiving lottery cash. But we are equally proud to bring you stories of bigger UK heritage projects receiving lottery cash. Here, we list some recent projects receiving important large grants.

Large UK Heritage Projects Under the Spotlight

UK Heritage Projects

By Jerrye & Roy Klotz, MD – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Canterbury Cathedral: The site of the assassination of Archbishop Thomas Beckett and burial place of Edward “The Black Prince”. This is one of the most important UK heritage projects to receive funding this year. a £13m grant will repair the leaking roof and carry out restoration work on some of the stone work and stained glass.

Bristol Old Vic: Built in 1766, the theatre is recognised as the oldest theatre anywhere in the western that has never stopped operating as a theatre.  BOV recently received some £2.3m to restore some of the fading Georgian features. As part of the restoration, there will be a new visitor centre.

Beamish Museum, Durham: £10m is available for a project to move Spain’s Field Farm into the Open Air Museum. Some of the fund with will expanding the site to include a 1950s themed street scene, a chip shop, housing, allotments and even a bowling green.

Roman Baths, Bath: The baths have received a grant worth nearly £3.5m for a new learning centre. The new centre will promote archaeology and Roman history to schoolchildren, groups and regular visitors. That is not all, however. Management aims to improve accessibility and open more areas to the public.

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