Lottery Winning Forklift Driver Waits To Claim Ticket

We have covered some strange stories in the past as to why lottery winners failed to claim their prize immediately. One lottery winning forklift Driver from Indiana must take the prize for the most amusing story. Despite winning $1m USD (around £670,000), Gary Snow II waited several weeks to claim his prize. Why? Because he hadn’t accrued enough holiday time at work. He stated that he had only just got the job and had worked hard to get it. It seems that despite his big win, Mister Snow didn’t want to let the company down. Naturally, Mister Snow does not intend to give up work following his win.

Lottery Winning Forklift Driver Waits to Claim Prize

Lottery Winning Forklift Driver Waited

Mister Snow started the job in November 2015. Company policy dictated that he could not use any time off until around mid May. This was when the lottery winning forklift driver came forward to claim his prize. This was several weeks after the draw. As for what he was going to spend it on, Mister Snow said he was looking at a Camaro (a type of car). He also stated quite sensibly that he did not want to waste the money and would seek professional advice on how to properly invest it for the future. Not giving up work is not unusual for lotteries winners.

Many people feel that $1m (£670,000) is not really enough to live on any more. The cost of living – especially with house prices – make a lottery winner’s future less sure. Therefore, most people use it to push for a more comfortable life than that which they are accustomed. They will pay off their mortgage, have a holiday they might never otherwise have been able to afford, and put some away for a rainy day. Most like to plan for the future but carry on working.

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