Lottery Winners Giving This Christmas

Everybody likes to hear about lottery winners giving something back. We have covered many stories liked this at Powerball Magazine over the last year. Mostly, they are about people working alone to help their local community. It is not often we hear of a large group of lottery winners getting together to work on big projects. However, as part of an international charity effort called “Giving Tuesday”, a group of British lottery winners have done just that. The group is mostly former builders, painters and decorators and other tradespeople. Together, they have built gingerbread houses for local communities.

Lottery Winners Giving Gingerbread Houses

About The Lottery Winners Giving Tuesday Scheme

Well-known lottery winners donated their skills to construct life-sized gingerbread houses. Sometimes, lottery winners giving their skills is far more vital than any donation of money. This group were more than happy to donate them to children’s charities and local communities as a Christmas gift. Each is a playhouse decorated like giant gingerbread houses. They are now open in many areas across the country. Some of the country’s most famous lottery winners donated their time. These included Brian Caswell, Sharon & Nigel Mather, Emma Dunkley and Kevin and Michele Jones.

Shed-sized play houses are delighting children at the various children’s centres, charities and hospital units lucky enough to receive one. There are examples of lottery winners giving time to build gingerbread houses in Wales, Scotland, Liverpool, Ipswich and many other places around the country. The recipient in South Wales, for example, is a therapy centre for children with Cerebral Palsy. For children across the country, Christmas has certainly come early. The scheme is part of “Giving Tuesday”, an international charity encouraging big businesses and lottery winners to give something back. However, anybody can get involved and donate their time; you don’t need to be a lottery winner.

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