Lottery Money is Saving Our Heritage Again

We regularly feature stories of good causes on Powerball Magazine, not least of all how lottery money is saving our heritage. It has become such an important part of the HLF and other projects funded by the National Lottery, that as a history-loving nation, it has become so intertwined with preserving projects that do not have the national appeal and don’t draw the media, but still need our help. The latest in a line of historic buildings and places to receive lottery cash is a Tudor inn at Kirton, near Spalding in Lincolnshire. The Old King’s Head dates to 1599 and is Grade II listed.

Lottery Money is Saving Our Heritage

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Pubs and inns have had a long and illustrious past in England with many across the country staking claims to having had kings and nobles as residents. Certainly outside of palaces and castles, some of our most famous historic buildings that are still standing and in original use include inns and pubs. Lottery money is saving our heritage for future generations to enjoy. Often, when these buildings become empty, they immediately find themselves at risk from the elements. The Old King’s Head is no exceptions and £2m grant will help restore the iconic local building.

The money has come from the HLF, and a reputable charity by the name of Heritage Lincolnshire will take charge of the cash and secure the building. It is expected that the historic inn will become a boutique Bed & Breakfast and have a coffee shop or restaurant in its main area. The important thing is that the building will continue to be used and protected as any listed building deserves. Lottery money is saving our heritage, so this is why it is important that people keep playing and engaging with our history.

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