The Key to Winning the Lottery? Positive Thinking!

It seems lottery players use many different tactics to help them win their game of choice. For some it’s sticking with the same numbers; other players act on visions and dream numbers. But for one lucky Irishman from Leinster, the power of positive thinking helped deliver the luck for a big win. WInning a €2.4m Lotto jackpot, the player opted for anonymity. However, he was more than happy to share his secret with fellow players when interviewed. He stated that the reason for winning was because of his belief in The Law of Attraction that he read about in The Secret.

You can win with positive thinking

The Power of Positive Thinking

The Law of Attraction is a form of positive thinking that states thinking positive thoughts brings positive actions. Conversely, thinking negative thoughts brings negative actions. It’s a pseudoscientific concept hotly debated by psychologists. However, some people live their lives by the philosophy and swear it has brought them good luck. The Leinster man truly believes that his big win (around £2.1m) came about thanks to this philosophy. Each small win brought him closer to the big win, so said the man and each setback never put him off from forging ahead for even greater rewards.

The man who won the lottery with positive thinking has lots of positive suggestions for how to spend the money. First, he intends to clear his debts, including his mortgage. Then he will put some aside in trust funds for his children that will go towards university education. After that, he should still be left with a substantial amount of money. Holidays, cars and even some money to go towards local charities. Whether or not you believe in the power of positive thinking, one man does and he intends to share some of his good fortunes with those around him.

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