Health Lottery Loneliness Scheme to End Lockdown Isolation

Hasn’t it been a difficult year? The lack of ability to simply go out whenever you like has taken its toll on extroverts and introverts, homebodies and outdoorsy types alike. Even the most resilient introverts have struggled with the loneliness and isolation. Even though restrictions will lift in the coming weeks and months, it’s going to take a lot of adjustment. People will still need to keep to themselves and limit contact until at least summer. Thankfully, there are many ways in which charities help people. Our various lotteries are at the centre of that. One Health Lottery loneliness scheme has a novel approach compared to some others – music.

About the Health Lottery Loneliness Scheme

Around 25% (that’s 1 in every 4) people say they felt lonely or isolated during the various lockdowns. This also crosses age boundaries; though often considered unique to old age, younger people struggle too. But there are charities that help. One such scheme based in Brixham, Torbay (Devon) called MusicAtTheEdge just received a Health Lottery grant. It recently received £37,000 from the Health Lottery’s southwest regional good causes organisers. The Health Lottery loneliness scheme brings people of all ages and all abilities together to create music in a supportive and happy environment. It has been around for many years but naturally the pandemic changed how they had to do things.

Health Lottery Loneliness Scheme supports musical group

The group used the cash to buy new equipment and instruments. Some members are well into their 80s and have had to shield; moving online proved challenging but MusicAtTheEdge managed the transition. Thankfully though, they were also among some of the first to receive vaccines. The group hopes to get everyone together at the earliest safe opportunity. Thanks to players, a great Health Lottery loneliness scheme can carry on while vaccines are implemented and restrictions lift. Once again, lottery players continue to help some great groups around the country.

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