Forgotten Lottery Ticket Worth $1.4m in Bag for a Month

Imagine carrying a winning lottery ticket around for a month. This is not the first such story; we’ve had so many lost and forgotten lottery ticket stories. But rarely has there been a ticket of a value as high as $1.4m AUD. That happened to one Australian woman in January. She had not registered the ticket (likely bought in a shop rather than online) and so the organisers could not contact her. Eventually, she came to check the ticket herself and found she was a $1.4m AUD winner (around £780,000). It took until the middle of February to realise the big win.

How the Forgotten Lottery Ticket Story Panned Out

The winner decided to keep her anonymity – as most lotteries around the world permit. Had it not been for the unnamed woman entering her local store to buy another, she might have waited a bit longer to find the forgotten lottery ticket. It was while rummaging around in her bag that she found the old one and asked the store to check the numbers. And then the shock – not only was the ticket a winner, it was a big winner. The unnamed woman claimed a big life-changing sum. Like many people, thoughts turned to both debt clearance and luxuries.

Forgotten Lottery Ticket was in woman's handbag all along

“It was like waking up from a dream,” she said, “How can this be real?” This is a common theme among winners unable to believe their luck. Then thoughts turned to how to spend the money. The forgotten lottery ticket woman said she would first pay off her mortgage. Naturally, some luxuries were to follow. She said she intended to buy some diamond jewellery. No matter what your hopes and dreams, winning a substantial lottery prize can help you achieve those life goals. Another happy winner from the world of lottery winnings!

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