7 Year Old Girl Finds a Lottery Ticket and Donates Winnings

American Thanksgiving is a time of coming together and being thankful for what they have. We could argue that some people forget to think of those less fortunate at this time of year. Yet one heart-warming tale from the USA reminded us again of the wonderful kindness inherent in human nature. When a 7 year old girl finds a lottery ticket, few would expect her to give the money away. Most would simply praise their own good fortune after the ticket holder fails to come forward. If one was religious, one might suggest that God wanted you to have this money following your personal hardship.

Girl Finds A Lottery Ticket and Donates Food to the Needy

Girl Finds A Lottery Ticket – Gives *All* the Winnings Away

Phoebe Brown is just 7 years old and too young to buy a ticket. Naturally, she is also too young to claim a prize. Despite this, she knew what it was and already decided what to do with it.  The incident occurred on the 9th November when Phoebe was out shopping with her mother. Picking up discarded lottery tickets has become a hobby for Phoebe, much to her parents annoyance. Yet this time, the story of how a girl finds a lottery ticket and wins actually came true. “It’s a winner!” she told her mother after examining the ticket.

Worth $100 (around £80), Phoebe decided to buy $100 worth of groceries to donate to a school project. The scheme asked students to donate food items to help the poorest in their community. The school praised Phoebe’s generosity and her family were certainly pleased. In the past, they too had required services of donated food and were happy to be able to give something back to others. For this one family, it was a joyous celebration ahead of Thanksgiving weekend and the pride in knowing that their daughter understood the true meaning of the occasion.

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