Geffrye Museum Receives £12.3m Lottery Boost

Geffrye Museum, one of the icons of the East End of London, received a lottery cash boost in March. The lottery fund is worth £12.3m with a further £5m coming from elsewhere. The money will allow managers and organisers to press ahead with ambitious plans to rejuvenate the centre. It has been open for over a century, in what was once derelict buildings. Now, it could become even more popular with some impressive arts-related improvements planned. The building itself dates from the 18th century, one of the finest examples of Georgian architecture; it is Grade I listed.

What is the Geffrye Museum?

By Maryc (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Today, the Geffrye Museum is an important attraction for visitors to the area. It tells the story of British domestic life from 1600 to the present day. However, it wasn’t always home to such an interesting collection. The collection of buildings, of which only a third are presently in use, were once almshouses. Inside the attractive exterior architecture, visitors will find an array of furniture and household implements. One of the major draws of the museum is its annual “Christmas Past” display. Each exhibit is decorated for Christmas in each age, allowing people to see what life was like in the festive period.

The proposed changes include and library, an art gallery, a redesigned reception area, a new museum café and a new build for learning and event spaces. Public outreach and conference facilities are a vital part of modern heritage centres. As well as the building and its collection, it also has some impressive gardens. Visitors can browse a herb garden and areas set out to look like contemporary gardens. Not only can they see what life was like inside, but outside too. The Geffrye Museum is next to Hoxton Station when taking the tube.

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