Error In Processing Lottery Ticket Leads to Big Win

It’s the stuff that Hollywood feel good movies are made of – an error in processing lottery ticket leads to a big win for a player. In fact, there probably have been stories like that, but now we have a Hollywood plot for real to bring you. A carer from Chelmsford in Essex found herself a £1m jackpot winner following an error by the ticket seller. Lynne Groves had always used Lucky Dip to play the National Lottery but her shopkeeper printed off a EuroMillions ticket by mistake. When they checked and saw the error, she went back and asked for it to be corrected – also with a Lucky Dip and the right numbers came out. Had they not have checked, she would have missed out.

Error In Processing Lottery Ticket

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Error In Processing Lottery Ticket Benefits Shopkeeper

It is probably not the first story of an error in processing lottery ticket, but probably the first time such an error has led to such a big win. Lynne Groves is a registered carer, so the money has come as a welcome relief in many ways. The shopkeeper whose error it was has also benefited from the error In processing. Lynne Groves always promised she would pay for his ticket to Australia should she ever win. Now, she has made good on the promise and bought him passage Down Under.

The error In processing the lottery ticket came on the UK National Lottery raffle as a result of a lucky dip. Many people choose this method of playing as a way of keeping numbers random or inability to decide. Lynne believes that the random nature of the Lucky Dip selection many not have gone in her favour had the shopkeeper not got it right the first time. It’s no wonder she made good on her Australian promise.

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