Big Lottery Fund Scotland Funds Orkney Islands and Lanarkshire Schemes

Last week, the Big Lottery Fund Scotland released details of the groups in Scotland, Shetland and the Orkney Isles to receive grants for social and other projects. It includes a number of schemes and issues for young people in deprived areas and, like its equivalent in England, money available for mental health issues.

The first and major project to receive money from the Big Lottery Fund Scotland is a befriending service in the Orkney Island for children aged 8-18. A sum of £150,000 has been granted to Voluntary Action Orkney for its Young Person Befriending Service. It will target those who are isolated for a variety of reasons – including autism, mental illness, young carers and others struggling with social interaction. The scheme has been operating for years in the islands, but organisers have wanted to expand and train more befrienders and offer more services to vulnerable children such as activities to build their confidence and social skills.

Big Lottery Fund Scotland

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In Lanarkshire, Big Lottery Fund Scotland granted over £77k has gone towards supporting families with autistic children through the Improving Lives of Families with Autism project. It will go towards a range of services, including family therapy, support services, family support in life skills for the parents and the child with autism. The group was only founded in 2012 but since then has provided vital services to children with autism and their families throughout Lanarkshire.

About Big Lottery Fund Scotland

BLF is the UK-wide organisation responsible for distributing the money raised for good causes. BLF money can go to almost any project, though heritage and tourism grants tend to come from The Heritage Lottery Fund. Big Lottery Fund Scotland is the arm that distributes money raised in and for Scotland generated by the Camelot National Lottery.


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