Detroit Store Clerk Error Leads to Big Win

Luck is the only factor in who wins the lottery. You have to be lucky enough to pick the right numbers in the right week, or the right scratchcard. Yet sometimes opting for the wrong scratchcard or game leads to a big win. A store clerk error did just that in Detroit when a man stopped for fuel at a petrol station at Eastpointe. His tyres needed air but he had no change for the machine. He went inside and to break a note, bought a $10 Lucky 7’s game. However, the checkout assistant handed over a $20 card. Realising the mistake, they asked if the man would like to change. He insisted he was happy to pay $20.

A store clerk error led to a big lottery win during a fuel stop

The Store Clerk Error That Changed a Man’s Life

Just as well he did because the store clerk error landed him the top $2m prize (£1.3m). The unnamed man felt there was good reason for the mistake and decided to stick with it. Imagine his joy when he scratched off the win in the store. Few people would have been happier with a store clerk error that day, least of all the winner and the clerk in question. It goes to show that a win can come to anyone at just about anytime. The man decided against publicity to protect his family. We know he is 57 years old, and lives in Detroit. The petrol station also opted against publicity.

The Lucky 7 game permits big winners to spread prize receipt. When spread, the player could have claimed $2m over 20 years. However, he opted for the lump sum. After deductions and adjustments, that came to $1.3m. This converts to approximately £980,000. The winner would not be drawn on how he would spend the money. However, early retirement may now be on the cards for the lucky Detroit player.

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