Deli Employees Ticket Rescue Beyond the Call of Duty

It’s one thing to lose a winning lottery ticket. Panic sets in and most people drive themselves crazy trying to remember where they put it. There are many tales of lost tickets turning up again, thankfully. Sometimes, such tickets do not turn up. For small amounts of money, it’s not a problem. But when the win is moderate or even substantial, you’ll pull out all the stops to find it. You may even search the same places in a hope that you missed it the first time around. When you leave it in a public place, you might ask others to go beyond the call of duty to help.

Beyond the Call of Duty for Deli employees searching for a lost lottery ticket

Deli Employees Went Beyond the Call of Duty

One woman from Portland, Oregan, had exactly this experience. Staff at the Lucky Spot Deli in the city found themselves confronted by a shocked customer who claimed she’d left her winning ticket in the shop. Mary Peabody pleaded with the employees to look around for it. Not only had she left it there, the ticket was unsigned. That meant almost anybody could have claimed the prize. In her defence, Mrs Peabody did have the receipt. They were happy to oblige and even went beyond the call of duty to find it. They searched all of their rubbish bags and eventually found it, but not after the lady had left.

She went away disappointed but the manager set the employees to work on the dumpster – the large outside bin. Luckily the garbage truck had not yet come to empty it and they saved the ticket. Not having a number for Mrs Peabody, they waited for her return the following day and happily reunited her with the winning ticket. Mrs Peabody said that Dena Thompson (the deli manager) had been in tears of joy that they’d been able to find the ticket. Mrs Peabody went ahead and claimed her prize.

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