£25,000 Lottery Money for COVID-hit WNDA

Some of the hardest hit people in 2020 were those most at risk directly or indirectly from the pandemic. Charities around the country helping people with long-term illnesses and permanent disabilities suddenly found themselves short of funds. For operational reasons, they could not offer the ongoing support previously offered. Once such charity is the West Norfolk Deaf Association. They struggled in 2020 but now the COVID-hit WNDA welcomes a £25,000 grant courtesy of the UK Health Lottery. A group of health charities around the country, the Health Lottery is the UK’s second largest lottery game with a focus on raising money for health and social causes.

£25k for the COVID-hit WNDA

Like many charities, West Norfolk Deaf Association. But the COVID-hit WNDA can now proceed with helping those vulnerable people with their hearing needs. Deafness can cause social isolation; with COVID-19, that isolation has only worsened. So the need to help those people became more urgent and more important. Although the charity could (and did) move most of their operations online, they remain conscious of the limits of this communication method. The internet is and remains a lifeline for affected communities, particularly those required to isolate for other health reasons. Now, this £25k will go towards improving outreach.

COVID-hit WNDA received £25,000 from the Health Lottery

COVID-hit WNDA says they will use the money to provide support mechanisms such as social activities like coffee mornings, facilitated by BSL fluent personnel. They will also offer small interest groups, and information sessions each with an interpreter present. Admitting that the Health Lottery funding helped WNDA initially “stay afloat”, organisers were keen to stress how that money helped them excel at the difficult time. This is why lotteries are so important; the money raised through ticket sales filter through to charities of all sizes so they can help the most vulnerable.

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