Community Fund for Scottish Recovered COVID Patients

Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, arrived in 2019 in China. Within months, it became the worst pandemic in over a century. Medical professionals were most concerned with its easy transmission and large number of symptom-free patients. Those who contracted the virus and survived report long-term health problems, not least of all blood clots. Now, such patients in Scotland will receive extra help from a recent lottery grant. Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland recently started a Hospital to Home service for recovered COVID Patients. The respiratory support service for Scotland is vital in the current climate while the pandemic is ongoing.

Recovered COVID Patients to get more support in Scotland

Vital Help for Recovered COVID Patients

The scheme helps patients returning home after a hospital stay. Some may have long-term or permanent effects requiring extra care. This includes physical rehabilitation and aftercare. However, it also includes information, advice, and access to external services. There is also emotional support where necessary, and patient-centred care. The £37,500 National Lottery grant will support some 4000 recovered COVID patients through the charity’s 400 volunteers in Scotland. This is part of a wider programme of help and support from the National Lottery. Facilities that applied for and received grants for upgrades were presented with emergency grants to prevent them going out of business.

Recovered COVID patients are unable, in some cases, to resume work. While they are virus free, some experience fatigue and stress on their lungs. Pneumonia and some milder conditions remain. They may not require hospital care, but still suffer the effects of contracting the virus. COVID-19 is expected to have long-term health and economic consequences. We are also uncertain of how long immunity to coronavirus lasts with current research suggesting it is a matter of months. Whatever the long-term consequences, you can expect the nation’s biggest lottery to remain at the forefront of help and relief.

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