Cautious Lottery Winner Waited Two Months to Claim

When anybody wins a big prize on the lottery, they often cannot wait to claim it. Putting aside forgotten and misplaced tickets for a moment, most claim the moment they are able. Yet some people take the time to claim because they want to consider all of their options. They wish to research what they are going to spend the money on and come up with a plan of action. After all, in most cases, players have around 6 months to claim their prize – what’s the rush? That’s what happened with one cautious lottery winner from Ireland this month.

Cautious Lottery Winner Took His TIme to Claim €550k Prize

Cavan’s Cautious Lottery Winner

He decided to maintain his anonymity during the claim process and was fully aware from the moment of the win. He was no less excited for the €500,000 (£439,000 approx) win but rather than rush into things, decided to take his time. Mostly, he wanted to figure out which charities he would support. The conscientious and cautious lottery winner made a life plan on what to do with the money to ensure a comfortable living. In the interview, he also referred to a group of charities being close to his heart, promising to help them out. No further details on which charities or causes he was going to support.

It’s well-known that a concerning majority of lottery winners spend hard and fast, ending up with very little. In some high-profile cases, lottery and pools winners have gone bankrupt several years later. This is why lottery games around the world offer counselling and courses on how to use lottery winnings wisely. It’s not known whether our cautious lottery winner did the same or whether he’ll choose to stick to his own plan. Most players get through happily and easily with legal advice and support from concerned friends or family. Money can run out if not handled properly.

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