Blackpool City Farm Gets Go Ahead

Blackpool is a popular summer holiday resort, attracting holidaymakers from all over the country. Drawn by the tower and the lights, few people get to experience the real Blackpool. It’s actually (and surprisingly to its visitors) one of the most deprived towns in England. It remains a source of pride for the coastal areas, particularly in the northwest. Now, a Blackpool city farm project, granted £350,000 from the National Lottery, will go ahead. The plan developed in consultation with local residents and Blackpool’s Fairness Commission.

About the Blackpool City Farm

A new Blackpool city farm will feature orchards

The scheme developed as a partnership over several years and finally won the Big Lottery Fund grant in June. The farm’s intended location is the City Learning Centre in Bathurst Avenue at Grange Park. The idea is to provide a local service to people to grow food. The Blackpool City Garden will differ from allotments in many ways. It will feature raised flower beds to beautify the site, a picnic and seating area and an outdoor work area with shelter. Also planned is a children’s play space along with the fruit growing areas. It’s designed to be attractive as well as functional, making the most of disused space for greenery and community projects.

The main aim of the project is to improve community cohesion, and physical and mental health. Green spaces are well-known for improving quality of life, especially in deprived areas. However, it’s a relatively new concept to local councils. It provides locals with a sense of pride as well as something to do in their community, encouraging interaction with others. The Blackpool City Farm will be in an area with high unemployment. It’s hoped that many will use the farm to develop practical manual skills and soft skills vital to the workplace. The ultimate aim is for the farm to be profitable enough to sustain itself.

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