Black Health Matters Receives £55,000 Lottery Cash

This pandemic has helped shine a light on many inequalities. Not least of all, the health problems among ethnic minority communities. One London based charity called The Love Tank began as recently as 2018. It’s fantastic news to receive lottery money so quickly its establishment. It’s been a challenging couple of years but they’ve risen to the challenge and proven they’re worth every penny. Their main cause now is a health drive among black communities; it’s called Black Health Matters. To help achieve these goals, the National Lottery just granted The Love Tank just over £55,000. Now, they can promote health matters and general well-being of under-served community members. It’s yet another example of how lotteries around the country help some of our most vital health issues.

All About The Love Tank and Black Health Matters

The charity works in London, connecting with under-represented communities on issues affecting physical and mental health. During the pandemic, that’s been particularly vital especially as – for various reasons – COVID-19 infections and deaths are higher among ethnic minorities in the UK. Though the Black Health Matters scheme will not focus either primarily or exclusively on COVID-19, it will form part of a wider scheme of health awareness. Community engagement is a vital and sometimes missing part of the health equation.

Black Health Matters - a new campaign from The Love Tank

This is a campaign for health leaders who deal with these communities. Now, the charity The Love Tank can go ahead and invest the money in:

  • Video content and regular podcasts
  • Toolkits to help service users with their health

But it also aims to go direct to source. Engaging communities in ways that work for them repeatedly shows improved results. This will help local health professionals aware of unique health problems in the black communities. However, there is a long way to go to help the aging population and the health issues of the future.

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