Bathing Teenager Won Lottery Prize Worth £120k

Whoever wins a lottery in the bath? Maybe you haven’t asked that question of yourself or anyone else. Yet one teenager has probably heard it a hundred times now. That’s because he was that bathing teenager. Sam Lawton from Leamington Spa felt inspired by Dean Weymes, the young man who won the top prize on the new Set For Life lottery game. While in the bath, Sam decided to try his own luck. It was his first attempt at playing the new game and his first attempt at playing any National Lottery game. His luck paid off because the Data Analyst won not the top Set For Life prize, but the second prize.

Bathing Teenager wins £10k Per Month for a Year

Bathing teenager won a major lottery prize

Dean Weymes won £10k per month for 30 years. Sam Lawton’s prize is much more modest. He still wins £10k per month, but the installment period for bathing teenager is just one year. Not that £120k is a prize to be sniffed at. The 19-year-old dad now has a nice little nest egg to set up home with his partner. This was their first priority at learning of the prize. The second thing they planned to do with the money was take a holiday to New York for later this year.

A car is also on the cards but as Sam has not yet passed his test, he has every intention of getting on the road first. The Set For Life game is already proving popular. Two big winners already have said they prefer the regular payout. So many young lottery winners have come forward to say they wish they had managed their money better. If successful, this Set For Life game could be a trial for the future where players on all major games are offered the choice.

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