Arkansas Husband Wins $1m after Lottery Ticket Mix Up

It’s amazing how often confusion in the simple process of buying a lottery ticket can lead to great results. Players who buy the same game, ticket, or numbers week in and week out suddenly forget what they entered to store for. In some cases, a lottery ticket mix up has led to big wins. That’s exactly what happened to one Arkansas family in January. Except rather than one mix up, there were two. In the first case, Carrie Middlebrook returned to a store to pick up something her husband forgot the first time. While there, she bought a lottery ticket.

The Second Lottery Ticket Mix Up

She asked for a $2 scratch card, two $10 tickets, and a game called 5-Buck Bundle. In confusion, the cashier picked up a different game – giving Middlebrook a $1 Million Spectacular ticket costing $20. Carrie didn’t challenge it, assuming the cashier had got it right. She went to her car, sat down, and scratched the ticket off. Then she realised the confusion and mix up. But good news came quickly to light. She scratched the card off and saw a 1. Thinking the ticket was worth $100, she got excited. However, there was more to come when she kept scratching.

A lottery ticket mix up led to a big win

She revealed the extent of the lottery ticket mix up in uncovering the rest of the scratch panel. Then it was revealed: they won $1m. Elated, she drove home. It was only three miles; however, Carrie said it “felt more like 300” to tell her husband of the win. When she got home, she was so excited that her husband thought she’d hit a deer or had an accident. As for what they are going to spend the money on, the couple said they would pay off their mortgage. They will also clear payments on the car and put some aside for the future – retirement and savings.

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