Travelling Carnival Employees win $7m CAD

Travelling Carnival employees may have what some consider a dream lifestyle. Although those who do work on the road enjoy it, they recognise that it is hard work. Spending their lives on tour, it’s a 365 day a year job with little to no security and constant upheaval. Now, a pair of carnival employees from Canada have won $7m CAD (¬£4.17m) on a Canadian lottery. Richard Bourgeois and Michelle Wishard, a couple from western Canada, now aim to find a plot of land and buy a modestly priced home. Only their desire for a humble lifestyle matches the riches of their big win.

Travelling Carnival Employees

About the Travelling Carnival Employees

They matched all 6 numbers in the 6/49 draw, claiming the largest prize available on the game. The first thing the couple did was state their intention to stop travelling and working for the carnival. They presently work for West Coast Amusements, the largest organisation of its kind in western Canada. Until the win, they lived in a static caravan (trailer) in Langley but all that is about to change. While many people dream of riches, large houses and fast cars, they are looking for something more sedate. A small house for a comfortable living will be the main priority.

Richard Bourgeois intends to retire from the business and live out a comfortable life after many years of hard work. No down the travelling carnival employees with whom they worked will wish them the best of luck as they search for a holiday destination too. Although they have said they will give some of the winnings away to family, they are looking to take a much-needed break. Some of the destinations include Yukon (a subarctic Canadian province). Newfoundland on the east coast or even Cuba. Though with over $7m in the bank, they will be able to visit all three.

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