£45k Grant Boost for Royal Blind School

We often feature the big grants for large-scale projects here at Powerball Magazine. However, the backbone of any lottery’s good causes outreach are the smaller projects. These stories rarely make tend to make it into the small press but rarely the nationals. They are important for small projects and vastly outstrip In terms of volume the larger grants. Recently, a lottery boost for Royal Blind School will allow one of their projects to go ahead. Valued at £45,799, it was one of a group to successfully bid for People’s Project money from the lottery’s Big Lottery Fund.

Boost for Royal Blind School

The Boost for Royal Blind School Will Go Toward…

The Edinburgh based school is delighted to have received the award. It will go towards a courtyard project. This will include specialist teaching equipment as well as playground equipment, It will help children learn, play and bond in this vital environment. Children with disabilities often feel isolated due to their disabilities; there are also extra hazards and risks with outdoor play and learning. This boost for Royal Blind School, Edinburgh will go some way to helping this specialist school achieve its aims to enable and help children with disabilities.

The boost for Royal Blind School came thanks to a public vote. Every year, the People’s Project opens voting to the public to decide which cause should receive funding in their local area. It’s proven wildly successful and has helped small projects receive a leg up against national competition. The maximum allocated for each grant is £50,000 per project and open to local projects that have already received smaller grants earlier in the year. They are then invited to submit a proposal for a larger funding and explain how the money will further their project. Lottery HQ then chooses a shortlist of five. A new round of voting opens in September.

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