$1m Win Due To American Lottery Ticket Error

It’s amazing how many big lottery wins result from errors. We’ve covered several stories where wins resulted from wrong number selection. Now, a cashier’s lottery ticket error led to a $1m (£810,000 approx) win for one lucky New Jersey resident. This is not the first time a ticket seller made such a big mistake. But really, who is complaining? This particular error came courtesy of a store clerk who produced a quick pick ticket (the equivalent of Camelot’s Lucky Dip). The player that the mistake affected is a regular customer and usually picked his own numbers.

American lottery ticket error leads to $1m win

Lottery Ticket Error Leads To Bonanza!

The lucky winner didn’t realise the lottery ticket error until he got home but stuck with them anyway. No doubt, this was much to his relief. Media spoke to the store owner just after the win. She was happy to explain that her mother, serving on her behalf, made the error. The owner’s mother did not know the customer and therefore did not realise her mistake. The unnamed winner also expressed his delight that such an error had let to such a big win. Offered the choice of a $1m lump sum or $1,000 a week for life, the 70 year old winner opted for the former.

Most people pick lucky numbers and stick with them or have one row with chosen numbers and one lucky dip. Hindsight is a great thing with a lottery ticket error occurs. It’s easy to count your blessings when a mistake goes your way. However, it is likely that more people end up losing out than winning when such a lottery ticket error happens. If you are concerned about having a “Murphy’s Law” moment when a ticket seller chooses the wrong numbers, there is no harm in buying your regular ticket numbers just to be on the safe side.

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