Wisbech Town Restoration Project gets In Line For Funding

The HLF Townscape Heritage Project has just found another recipient. The scheme uses money generated by lottery players to restore deprived towns with historic fabric. It has been a great success so far in restoring threatened buildings and encouraging civic pride in local projects. It is also vitally important for tourism and for making areas look attractive and feel safe for residents. The latest recipient of the scheme is the Wisbech Town Restoration Project. Wisbech in East Anglia, has a number of historic towns that will be regenerated as part of the scheme.

Wisbech Town Restoration Project 2016

By Jim Linwood – http://www.flickr.com/photos/brighton/3635632985/, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=8727725

About The Wisbech Town Restoration Project

The history of the Fens town goes back to medieval England. The vill was owned by the monastery at Ely. William the Conqueror ordered a castle built and it became an important town between this and Ely. Many of the modern buildings date to around the 1720s. Georgian architecture is the most common building type and much of the money for the Wisbech Town Restoration Project will improve the appearance and stability of these buildings where needed. To help manage the £1.9m funding, the local council will hire a Townscape Heritage Project Officer.

The two is home to a 15th century inn, a National Trust property (Peckover House), several Victorian memorials, a Fenland museum, a historic brewery and much more historic fabric. Almost all of the money will go on restoring the historic fabric. However, because the Wisbech Town Restoration Project is so large and encompassing, it will engage locals in their own heritage too. It is hoped and expected to improve tourism to the surrounding area. Wisbech is on the edge of the Fens (the historic wetlands of East Anglia) and because of this, it is important to the wider economy of the region.

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