Transgender Rights Campaigner New Year Lottery Win!

2018 got off to a great start for one taxi driver from Hull. Local Transgender Rights Campaigner Melissa Ede pleasantly discovered that she was the winner of a £4m scratchcard prize. The sublime win for the mini-celebrity whose social media accounts already had thousands of followers meant the new year got off with a bang. Melissa stopped for petrol on Saturday 30th December and, while there, purchased a scratch card. She opted for one of the high-cost, high-reward cards that set her back £10. Her chance purchase paid off; she found the ticket a winner at an amazing £4m.

tax driving transgender rights campaigner from Hull wins big

About the Transgender Rights Campaigner

The first thing Melissa did was rush back into the garage to proclaim “you just gave me £4m!”. Plans include buying a new car, a new house, and organising her dream wedding. With any big winner, there is nearly always some thought for those less fortunate. Melissa is no different. As a transgender rights campaigner, she fully intends to help people going through gender-based issues. It will also give her the opportunity to write her autobiography to add to the awareness and campaigning work. She acknowledged the difficulties that she had already experienced and wants to help others.

It’s been around seven years since the transgender rights campaigner completed the transition. She says that before, during and after, she received violence and mistrust. There are still legal barriers in some areas. Declaring that she is proud of the person she is today, she fully intends to use some of the money to help others in her position. It was later reported that Melissa had bought her partner some rubber gloves and a Henry vacuum cleaner as joke presents. As for gifts for herself, Melissa booked herself in for some botox injections to improve a face that she said she’d never been happy with.

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