Three Australian Brothers Win Lottery After 40 Years

In yet more proof that persistence can eventually pay off, we bring news of three Australian brothers who won $511,000. The best thing is, this big prize (worth over £288,000) came after spending 40 years playing the same numbers. The natives of Richmond, Victoria said they don’t remember why they chose those numbers all those years ago. In any case, they’re counting their blessings for choosing those numbers and sticking with them. The three brothers preferred to keep their anonymity but spoke to the press about their experiences.

A 40 Year Wait for Three Australian Brothers

One of the three Australian brothers said they couldn’t believe their luck at first. He checked the ticket, saw the win, but felt the need to check it again. It’s common for winners to disbelieve their luck; they tell themselves they misread it and that’s when they ask for a second opinion. The store owners were particularly delighted too. It’s been a lucky year for them; according to the manager, this was the third Division 1 win they’d sold in 2020. The first was May, the second came in September, quickly followed up by this third at the end of September.

Three Australian Brothers win the lottery after playing for 40 years

It’s always tempting to change your numbers when you aren’t winning. But there is no such thing as the “right” numbers. There is no system to determine which numbers will come up next week. No numbers are due and none won’t come up because they’ve appeared a lot recently. We call that “gambler’s fallacy”; if you have a set of numbers you’ve always used, be confident to keep using them. These three Australian brothers show the importance of confidence in their choices and never deviating. There are stories of players who changed their numbers and regretted it; in some cases, their old numbers came up weeks later.

Stick with your numbers, keep playing, and enjoy!

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