Four of the Best Lottery Films for a Great Night In

Playing the lottery is one of the world’s greatest pastimes. It’s fun, quick and simple to play for all ages. It’s the number one choice of recreational gaming for people all over the world. It should be no great surprise that there is a long list of lottery films. Here, we present the best lottery films in our humble opinion.

Best Lottery Films Revealed

Top 5 Best Lottery Films

It Could Happen To You

This is perhaps the most famous lottery film of all. Nicolas Cage is a cop who doesn’t have enough cash to tip waitress Bridget Fonda. Instead, he promises to split the winnings of his lottery ticket with her – whatever they may be. Fate strikes and he wins a substantial sum of money. His wife (Rosie Perez) is not happy about it.

Lucky Numbers

Another comedy, this stars John Travolta, Tim Roth and Lisa Kudrow. Travolta plays a minor celebrity in his state who loses money in a business interest. His friend (Roth) suggests an insurance scam. When this goes wrong, they set about rigging a lottery scam and involve an airhead TV presenter. This, one of the best lottery films, is based on a true story.


This black comedy released in 2011 stars an unfamiliar cast with one or two exceptions but still manages to make it onto most people’s best lottery films lists. Ben loves Lucy but Lucy won’t give him the time of day. Thinking it would woo, he kills a lottery winner and steals her ticket. Only when married does she realise his habit for murder.

Waking Ned

If gallows humour is more your sort of thing, then perhaps this 1998 title may be more for you. When the winner of an enormous lottery jackpot dies before he is able to claim, friends, family and townsfolk work together to claim and split the prize. One problem: they have to pretend that Ned is still alive.

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