$429m Lottery Winners Establish Anti-Poverty Charity

It’s always great to hear stories of how lottery winners used their winnings for good. This recent story from New Jersey in the USA may be the biggest and most heart-warming yet. The Smith family divided a $429m (£335m) lottery between them, getting around $25m each. After the division, there remained a substantial sum which they always intended to put to good use. Recently, the family came to a joint decision about what to do with the rest. This week, they revealed plans to set up an anti-poverty charity to help struggling families.

Lottery Winners set up Anti-Poverty Charity in Trenton

About the Anti-Poverty Charity

They felt that the big win was a gift from God and decided to do something positive with the cash. It’s not the first time a person or family has set up a charity in the wake of a lottery win. It is unlikely they are the last family to do so either. The anti-poverty charity ethos will centre on “Hard work, loving God and giving something back.” Although still in the planning stage, the scheme is already well underway, however. There is already a strong and sustainable plan. The charity will not simply give away food. They will work with local charities to develop job skills and education.

More than that, it intends to deliver prospects for people living in poverty. There will also be schemes for child support, family development and other core support networks. Trenton has a problem with gangs and violence with a high relative murder rate. The Smith family feel that helping people be self-sufficient, and giving the city and people a sense of pride will remedy poverty. Trenton is the state capital but only the tenth largest municipality with a population of around 84,000. Despite a recent turnaround in its fortunes in terms of employment, there is still a long way to go.

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